Two days ago, on April 15, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea reportedly attempted to test launch another missile in the face of international condemnation. Intelligence reports state that the missile exploded almost immediately after launch, but that didn't stop the internet from doing what it does best.

Making a whole bunch of nonsense up!

A video eventually found its way onto YouTube following the tense stand-off with the country, claiming to be the very same North Korean missile failure. However, no videos of the explosion are known to be in existence, and the secretive nation that fired it off would obviously want to keep its failure under wraps and out of public scrutiny.

But… the video is right there, and something this realistic and impressive would be hard to fake. Absolutely, the video is real, but the context is not. The uploaded video actually contains a failed Proton-M Russian rocket that launched way back on July 1, 2013. Its mission was to carry three satellites into orbit, but instead, it ended up costing $200 million in damages.

Just watch it disintegrate upon its descent

The video doesn't just show a rocket exploding in mid-air. It actually shows the rocket making too steep of a curve and actually rotate fully before accelerating back to the planet! Before it can hit the surface at maximum speed, though, air resistance begins to take hold.

The rocket crumbles from the tip like it's hitting an invisible barrier, slowing it down but still creating an impressive visual effect none the less.