The forgotten lawsuit between Gearbox and Apogee over the Duke Nukem franchise has come to an end. Apogee, the former parent company of developer 3D Realms, sold its franchise to Gearbox in 2010 back before the infamous Duke Nukem Forever hit the market… and then proceeded to make a new game titled Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction without actually owning the rights to do so anymore.

Gearbox didn’t like this, and a legal battle over a franchise nobody wanted began.

As the dust settles, it seems that Gearbox has retained the rights to the franchise through a settlement, but neither side is talking how the settlement was reached. Gearbox was forced to own up to some royalties and “buy-back” options, but in regards to gamers, all we get from this little spat is a look into what Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction could have looked like.

As you can tell by the in-game screenshot, this was not a first person shooter like we’ve grown accustomed to from the franchise over the years. Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction was originally planned to be an overhead isometric RPG, but the game is no longer in development. 3D Realms was purchased by Interceptor Entertainment shortly after the lawsuit was filed, and the game has been retooled into a new game called Bombshell.

Interceptor will release this on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC this summer.