It seems like yesterday audiences were sitting in theaters watching Avengers: Infinity War, mouths agape because of the shock ending. Now, audiences can relive the events of Infinity War with the home release, which is available now on digital (the Blu-ray is coming August 14).

The home release of Avengers: Infinity War includes a ton of extra footage, including more Thanos and a superhero gag reel. There’s also plenty of director commentary, giving new insight into how the film was created. Did you know that the script was first worked on back in 2016? And that it was written before a script for Thor: Ragnarok was finished?

There are a ton of facts and secrets hiding in the movie’s home release. Below are some of the best and most interesting, courtesy of io9.

  • Captain America is confirmed to have a much larger role in Avengers 4.
  • When Thanos hurls the moon on Titan, he uses two Infinity Stones to do so: the Power Stone and Space Stone.
  • Valkyrie and several other people escaped the Asgardian ship before Thanos starts wreaking havoc. Sadly, we still don’t know the fate of Korg, but my hunch is he’ll make a return in Avengers 4.
  • Kenneth Branagh, who directed the first Thor, does the voice for the distress call in the very beginning.
  • One of the early drafts of the script saw Thanos collect the Power Stone from Xandar, but the directors ultimately decided not to show him collecting each stone because it would be too repetitive.
  • Speaking of Xandar, Gamora was supposed to encounter Thanos there, but they eventually scrapped that and instead changed the location to Knowhere.
  • The directors included a lot of nods to Raiders of the Lost Ark, including a scene that sees Maw burn his hand when he reaches for Doctor Strange’s Time Stone.
  • Early drafts included backstory for the Black Order, but they were eventually cut because it would have made the movie too bloated.
  • The directors wanted to save Captain America until the battle on Wakanda but ultimately decided to have him appear in Scotland.
  • In order to explain what each Infinity Stone did, the directors made sure to show Thanos using them soon after he got a new one.
  • When we see Thanos turn Drax and Mantis into weird shapes, it was a nod to the Jim Starlin Infinity Gauntlet comics.
  • The directors weren’t sure about setting the final battle in Wakanda. But after the success of Black Panther, they knew they made the right choice.
  • The directors couldn’t figure out how to make Tony Stark beat Ebony Maw aboard the spaceship, so they looked to Raiders of the Lost Ark again as inspiration. Stark eventually wins by blowing a hole in the side of the spaceship, which sucks Maw out.
  • Nebula getting caught essentially allows Thanos to successfully obtain all the Infinity Stones, because she reveals to the Mad Titan that Gamora knew where the Soul Stone was.
  • The directors were initially going to show Thor’s new weapon, Stormbreaker, being forged by dragons. But they eventually settled on Eitri.
  • The role of Red Skull was necessary because the directors needed someone to explain how to obtain the Soul Stone.
  • Early drafts of the script included more of Thanos’ backstory, but the scenes were cut.

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