Apple today announced a major upgrade coming to its FaceTime video chatting service. The new FaceTime group chat feature lets iOS and Mac users video chat with up to 32 people at once. That sounds intense and little overwhelming, but Apple came up with some ways to make it much more practical.

When using FaceTime, each user will now appear in their own square window. It’ll work simple enough when talking with two or three people, but when you start adding more people to the chat, getting closer to the limit of 32, FaceTime will display the leaders of the conversation at the top part of the screen with up to four people and the rest will be displayed in a scrolling row at the bottom. The user’s video feed will be displayed at the bottom right-hand corner.

Each time someone begins talking, their square will enlarge letting you know who is talking. FaceTiming with 32 people isn’t really practical, something we only imagine only to be done for fun, but the addition of group video chatting will prove to be very useful for Apple users, bringing over a feature other services have long offered.

More so, Apple users will also be able to use Animoji and the newly announced Memoji during Group FaceTime. Each user’s face will be replaced by a cute animal or even an animated version of yourself.

FaceTime group chats will be available with the release of iOS 12 which is expected to be released to the public this fall.