Earlier this week, Apple sent out the second version of the iOS 4.3 beta, which is presumed to be what Apple’s iPad 2 will be running on. While people have been digging through the software to see what they can find, MacRumors ran across an image used for previewing your wallpapers on the iPad that showed some new stock icons.

The three new icons that would suggest stock apps to come with the iPad 2 include FaceTime, Camera and PhotoBooth.  If these icons are true, and not just some Apple employee randomly putting in placeholder images, then the front and rear cameras for the Apple tablet are all but confirmed.

For those who may not be familiar with these apps, FaceTime is the video conferencing app Apple introduced last summer with the iPhone 4.  It has since spread to the 4th generation iPod Touch and to Mac and PC computers.  The Camera app icon looks just like the one used on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch which definitely suggest a rear facing camera.  PhotoBooth is a popular Mac program for taking pictures of yourself with your computer’s built-in camera, which is yet more evidence that the new iPad will have a forward facing camera.

Do these icons make the cameras a definite?  No, but they surely do make them seem a heck of a lot more likely.  If the rumors of the Feb. 1st announcement for the device are true, we’ll know in a few weeks, but it definitely looks like the cameras are coming this year.

What say you?  Do you think the iPad 2 is definitely going to have cameras?

[via MacRumors]