In the 1990’s, two of the biggest movie stars in the world were Nicholas Cage and John Travolta. So when the idea of the two of them starring in an action flick, facing off (pun intended) in a cop vs. bad guy thriller directed by action maestro John Woo comes up, you jump on it because it sounds like a winner. And Face/Off was a winner, even if it was a little over the top.

Thus Screen Junkies decided to put it through its paces with its very own Honest Trailer, and it is one of the best things you’ll see this long weekend.

The movie isn’t really complicated at all. The plot is very straight forward. It’s just about a cop (John Travolta) who will go to great lengths to take down the man (Nicholas Cage) who murdered his son by cutting his rival’s face off, putting that face on his own face, healing instantly, tell no one, go undercover at a maximum security prison with weird magnet boots while hoping his rival doesn’t wake from a coma, who does and does the same exact thing, ultimately climaxing in a deadly speed boat battle.

It’s pretty self-explanatory.

John Woo, best known for his action style, leads the film into crazy action set pieces that includes his three major D’s: dives, dual-wielding and doves—so many damn doves.

It’s all in good fun because we love Face/Off. It’s one of the best 90’s movies ever, even if it is a little out there. So do the Screen Junkies guys, who did a great job with their latest Honest Trailers. You can check it out above.