Facebook already copied Snapchat Stories inside of Instagram, allowing users to share snippets of video throughout their day to create a “story.” Now it’s back with another iteration for its Messenger platform called “Messenger Day,” that offers a very similar experience.

Facebook Messenger Day exists inside of the Messenger app. You can open it, tap a camera button and start to record video or snap photos for the story of your day. Facebook includes options to add text, images, effects and emoji to each section of your video, just like options offered in Instagram and Snapchat Stories. You can choose to share bits of your day with friends or groups of friends when you’re finished.

Another blatant rip-off of Snapchat

It’s tough to get excited about these new functions when Facebook is so blatantly ripping off Snapchat stories. Still, folks who don’t use Snapchat or Instagram may find it a fun new function worth exploring. Facebook’s constantly looking for new ways to attract new active users, and this should help do the trick.