It’s been true for years now that Facebook is super popular among parents. Now the social network is rolling out a new feature called Scrapbook that’s aimed directly at its baby rearing userbase.

Scrapbook lets you create a private Facebook page for your baby or young child, making it possible to tag them in photos that show up in one simple place. You can even invite friends and family to subscribe to the page, though only the parents will be able to upload new images.

Once a kid turns 13 they’ll presumably be able to take over control, though Facebook hasn’t worked out those specific details yet. Still, it’s a clever way to get kids hooked into the social network at an early age.

Scrapbook was created by Dan Barak, a Facebook product manager with a baby of his own. After struggling to find an easy way to tag his kid in photos, he decided to build an entirely new feature.

Scrapbook is now rolling out for desktop, iOS and Android. To set one up, just click the About button on your profile, then “Family and Relationships” and you’ll see an option to create a new Scrapbook. Facebook will hold your hand through the rest of the process.