We had suspicions Facebook would launch its new App Center today, and right on cue, the new service is available within the Facebook mobile apps for Android and iOS, and within Facebook in your web browser — if you're in the United States.

Announced back in May, App Center is open to mobile apps that were originally native to Facebook, or those that connect to the social network for sharing. Developers can submit their applications and Facebook will highlight the best of the bunch. This allows users — all 900 million of them — to discover new Facebook-connected apps easier than ever before — rather than stumbling across them in their news feed thanks to the odd post from their friends.

Of course, it's really a win-win situation all round: For developers, it means their applications get more exposure than they might through the App Store or Google Play exclusively. For Facebook, it means developers are less likely to flee its platform. And for users, it's easier to discover new social apps.

"The App Center represents a new way for users to discover social applications," Facebook's Doug Purdy said at the company "Apps and Drinks" meet in San Francisco today. "We see applications and sites like Pinterest, Quora, and Fab.com and driving millions and millions and millions of users using Facebook."

Just like the App Store or Google Play, the App Center provides a full description for each application, along with screenshots, ratings, and reviews. And as noted by The Next Web, the service even "one-ups Apple" when it comes to privacy by highlighting exactly what data each application will access once installed on your device.

If you're browsing the App Center on your computer through your web browser, any app you download will be automatically sent to your device. Browse on your Android or iOS handset itself and you'll be taken to their respective app stores for downloading.

Remember, App Center isn't a standalone app — it's available through the Facebook mobile apps and the Facebook website only. And it's currently only available to those in the U.S., but it is expected to make its way around the world shortly.

Have you tried Facebook App Center yet?

[via The Next Web]