Facebook has been making a huge push into video. You’ve probably noticed your News Feed is already clogged with auto-playing clips, and it’s about to add even more thanks to a recent update.

Once the update hits you’ll be able to reply to someone else’s post with a video. Just hit the camera button, record a quick clip and post it in the comments section. The feature is launching on iOS, Android and Facebook’s desktop website.

The new feature was actually developed at a Facebook Hackathon. The idea quickly came together and in just one day the company had a rough version working. However, it still took a few extra months to completely polish the update before it was ready for primetime.

Facebook clearly sees videos as a big part of its future. Sometimes recording a quick clip may really be the best response to your friend’s latest status update, but most of the time a few written words or even a simple “Like” will probably be more than enough.