Facebook has big plans for 2014 when it comes to video advertisements, at least according to a leaked internal document obtained by TechCrunch that details the company’s strategy to launch video ads on a revamped platform come early 2014. The 32-page document, designed to help sell Facebook video ads, reveals the social network’s plans to beat both traditional television and YouTube ads with specifically targeted advertising.

The slides above were reportedly presented to Facebook’s marketing partners during a meeting held in November. The top secret training for ad sales was recently leaked to TechCrunch, despite the use of NDA’s to protect the information. Essentially, the document highlights Facebook’s unprecedented reach and targeting capabilities before offering up numerous examples of successful ad campaigns.

Facebook claims that including Instagram brings in more mobile traffic than the rest of its biggest competitors combined. Ads targeting smartphones and tablets are key here, taking advantage of the fact that each News Feed item takes up practically the entire display on a mobile device. Combine that the company’s plans to introduce autoplay videos and you’re looking at a huge new revenue stream.

It looks like 2014 could be an extremely lucrative year for the social network, though it may take its toll on users already bombarded by online advertisements at every turn.