Facebook launched a revamped Messenger app not long ago, and it also owns Instagram and Facebook Home for Android. Those are just a taste of the social network's big goals to get in front of mobile users, however, and according to The Verge it has plenty of new apps planned for this year.

In fact, apparently Facebook has an entire "suite" of mobile apps coming down the pipeline. One of the first apps could be the company's rumored Flipboard competitor, allegedly called "Paper," which is set to launch sometime in January according to a recent report from Re/Code. Paper is will apparently serve as a news aggregation service, bringing RSS feeds and Facebook stories into one place.

The Verge suggests Paper could be the social network's "News" application, while Instagram is focused on the camera and Facebook Messenger focuses on chat. Facebook's other apps aren't named, though The Verge surmises there's room for a new calendar application, a mobile payment service and a search product for mobile that uses Graph Search. Facebook may also enter these spaces through acquisitions. If it follows Yahoo's example, the company could always expand by offering apps for sports, weather, finance and more, too.

As The Verge notes, the GSMA today announced that Mark Zuckerberg will be one of the keynote speakers during Mobile World Congress in February. Zuckerberg may simply talk about the mobile space, but he could also use his time on stage to introduce new mobile products. We'll be at the show covering everything live, so we'll let you know if anything pops up.