Facebook already dominates messaging, photos and social media, but now the company could be working on a new app to take over your phone calls as well. A still-in-development Android app called Phone leaked out on Friday and it actually looks pretty cool.

The app, which was spotted by Android Police, promises to automatically show extra information about the person who’s calling you. We’re guessing that data will come from Facebook, so it might even know if you’re “friends” with the called. Additionally, Phone promises to automatically reject incoming calls from regularly blocked numbers, putting a stop to scammers before they ever reach you.

That second feature isn’t exactly new, and other Android dialer apps already offer a similar experience. Showing extra info on the person you’re about to talk to could be pretty handy, and it’s something only Facebook and a few other companies can offer. We’re guessing the social media giant will also find a way to use your anonymized phone call data to increase its own profits as well, though that’s not much of a surprise at this point.

Of course, there’s no guarantee Phone will ever get an official release. It’s possible Facebook could scrap the app entirely, or just opt to use it internally instead. But if it does land in the app stores we’ll be sure to try give a it whirl and let you know how Phone measures up to the competition.