Last month Facebook promised to offer an alternative to the Like button for quickly responding to status update. Now the company is rolling out a set of emoji-based options called Reactions that do just that.

The update was first spotted by Engadget’s Spanish-language site. A few hours later, TechCrunch was able to confirm the news directly from Facebook. However, the feature is only available in Spain and Ireland at the moment, and could change significantly before it gets a global launch.

Reactions adds six extra options beyond the traditional Like. You can pick a heart for Love, a laughing emoji face, a smiling emoji for “Yay,” a shocked “Wow” emoji, a crying “Sad” emoji or a frowning “Angry” emoji. That should make it easier to respond appropriately to your friends’ posts with just a few clicks.

The feature appears to work on both desktop and mobile. If you’re using the browser version of Facebook, you can hover the mouse over the Like button to reveal the new list of reactions. On mobile, touching the thumbs up icon will bring up extra options. Once people start responding to your posts with emoji, you’ll see those tallied along with the total number of likes beneath each status.

It’s a smart solution to a problem plenty have people have with the current version of Facebook. We still don’t know when Reactions will get an official launch, though for now you can always just type out a short response instead.