Facebook's F8 developer conference kicks off today, but the company may have spilled its secrets a few hours early. An accidental update to the official F8 app spotted this morning reveals plans focused on the social network's Messenger app along with something called the "Teleportation Station."


We very much doubt Facebook has unlocked the key to teleportation, though it's possible this could be something Oculus Rift-related. The company is expected to put a big focus on virtual reality this year after buying the VR startup back in March. F8 is also set to include a speech on "Why Virtual Reality Will Matter To You," so clearly Oculus will play a key part in the event.

As for "Messenger as a Platform," that would seem to confirm earlier claims Facebook is looking to expand its messaging app to support third-party services. A report from TechCrunch last week revealed the company's plans to turn Messenger into a full-fledged platform similar to chat apps like WeChat and Line in Asia. It seems likely we'll learn more today, and maybe even hear from Facebook's first official partners.

Finally, it looks like Parse, the company's app-making tools, will expand beyond smartphones into the "Internet of Things." That doesn't come as a huge surprise, though we're curious to see how Facebook plans to extend its reach with home automation.

Clearly the social network has a lot planned for this year's conference, and we'll have all the most important news right here on TechnoBuffalo once it's announced.