Facebook revealed in September that it will soon introduce advertisements into Instagram feeds. As a publicly traded company, the social network needs to show it can generate as much revenue as possible, so this was bound to happen. Thankfully, the ads don’t look so terrible, at least according to a few screenshots that were published on Thursday.

We can see that the ads will look very much like a typical photo inside of Instagram, just with a “sponsored tag,” not unlike sponsored tweets on Twitter and sponsored news posts in the Facebook news feed. In the photo above, you can see an advertisement for Instagram that at least has some sort of unique photographic element. In another ad for Levis, below, the same applies. At least they look like they’ll blend in rather well among the hundreds of over-filtered pictures your friends and others might post.


We’re willing to bet video ads will come soon, too, since they could potentially take advantage of Instagram’s video function. Hopefully they won’t ever get as intrusive and annoying as they are on the Facebook newsfeed.