Pretty soon you and your friends will be able to upload photos to the same Facebook photo album. The social network is slowly rolling the feature out based on user feedback, and will let you (the album’s creator) and fifty close friends contribute up to 200 photos to a single group album. Perfect for weddings and concerts and generally taking selfies all day.

Facebook is reportedly targeting English users on the desktop for now, but will eventually roll out the feature to additional platforms and users in the coming weeks (or months). The feature will allegedly give users deep control over the album itself; the album’s creator can set who contributes, and only allow those contributors to see what’s in that album. It’s like an exclusive little art show. How fun.


The obvious goal is to allow multiple users at a party of event to contribute to the same album, cutting down the hassle of peering through multiple albums. Mashable didn’t say how quickly this will begin rolling out on a wider scale, so don’t expect the feature to hit your account anytime soon. Still, we imagine Facebook will want to roll it out as quickly as possible; the social network has transformed into the world’s largest online photo storage website, so collaborative albums is a pretty big addition.