Facebook is reportedly working on a new app called Notify, which The Awl says is designed to feed users notifications throughout the day from their favorite websites (the app refers to them as “stations” and “providers.”) It sounds a lot like a glorified RSS feed, just gussied up by the designers in Facebook’s labs. The two screenshots above are apparently what Notify will look like.

The Awl said partners are already testing out Notify in a limited capacity, and are getting feedback from Facebook about how best to utilize the platform, including what to post, frequency, etc. It’s unclear how Facebook actually factors into the equation here. Again, Notify looks more like an RSS feed than anything else, letting users know when a website posts a new article.

Notify is apparently launching at the end of October or “somewhere around there.” Facebook has been trying to grow into a platform unto itself for things like Instant Articles, driving traffic to the social network rather than to other sites; Notify might just be another way to filter Facebook users to the site rather than linking elsewhere.