Mark Zuckerberg Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the stage on Tuesday during a Facebook press event and unveiled, among other things, a new beta feature called "Graph Search." Basically, it allows users to search the website using queries. You can, for example, find friends in New York who are interested in Wine, or cheese or even politics. That way, if you want to throw a small get together, you can make sure you're only inviting people with similar interests (if that's the kind of person you are). As Engadget notes, you can also filter by a friend's name, where they attended school and more. It seems like you can dive super deep into the filters.

Graph Search also allows you to search for points of interest. As Zuckerberg demoed during his presentation, you can look for a restaurant in a specific city or region and see ratings for the restaurant, among other information. We'll update this post as we learn more, such as when the feature will go live, but it's clear Facebook has interest in combining search with people and points of interest… which almost sounds like it wants to move into Maps. Maybe I'm crazy.