Facebook is re-designing the “Like” button for the first time (that we can recall) since the button was introduced in 2010.

No, the thumbs-up isn’t entirely gone, though developers can now choose to add a button that simply has the Facebook logo with the “Like” text sprawled across it. In an effort to help sites increase traffic from Facebook, the social network is also rolling out new “Share” buttons and a new side-by-side design for “Like” and “Share,” which allows you to execute both tasks from the same place on a site. The new buttons will begin rolling out over the next several weeks automatically, Facebook said, and developers won’t need to change any code for them to start appearing. Here’s a look at what the new options look like:


The social network also revealed some compelling statistics about “Like” and “Share” use. The buttons are already on 7.5 million websites around the globe and are viewed 22 billion times daily. That’s a huge metric, and it’s paying off for websites that implement the buttons. Hotels.com, for example, has found that the buttons have led to more than 220,000 hotel bookings alone. 

If you’re a developer and want to take advantage of the new button layouts, you can do so by using Facebook’s custom configuration tool.