Lady GaGa — she of the tech, glitz and glam riff — was once a frontrunner in the Facebook popularity contest. Apart from legendary singer Michael Jackson, she was the force to be reckoned with online. (In June 2010, LaGa even overtook President Barack Obama.) But despite all her little monsters out there in social media-land, she just couldn't keep up in the race for the network's most Liked personality. So who topped the queen of theatrics? Was it Rihanna? Shakira? Michael Jackson again (albeit posthumously)? Negatory. The top honors belong to one Mr. Marshall Mathers III.

Eminem — who first nabbed the top spot last year — achieved a new milestone Monday, when he received his 60 millionth Like and secured his spot in social media history as the first person to ever breach that mark. While impressive, his web success could be shortlived, as Rihanna is dogging his tracks, with 59.4 million Likes. If her online popularity stays on track, it won't be long before she laps the rapper and usurps his position in the online spotlight.

In the graph above, note the uptick of Likes across the board from 2010. The biggest trend this reveals is not necessarily who the hot singer of the moment is, but that music fan activity in general is soaring on social networks.

Meanwhile, back in GaGa-land, the Lady probably isn't sweating her fall from grace too much. After all, she still has Twitter, where her fans more than double the ones on Facebook and her following owns Eminem's.

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