If you thought your Facebook News Feed couldn’t possibly fit any more ads, you were wrong. The company has figured out a new way to push promoted content to your smartphone with a location-based feature called Place Tips.

Basically, Facebook will provide restaurants, stores and other businesses with a small Bluetooth beacon. Then, when you walk by that location an alert will pop-up at the top of your News Feed. Tap it and you’ll see photos posted by the business along with related information shared by your friends on the social network.

Overall, Place Tips seems pretty harmless—maybe even useful—though if you’re not interested you can head into the Facebook app’s settings, tap Location and then turn off the new feature. The company also promises that none of this activity will show up in the main News Feed, so you don’t have to worry about broadcasting your location publicly online.

Facebook’s newest feature is making it’s debut this week at a handful of locations in New York, including the Strand, a popular independent bookstore, and the Dominique Ansel Bakery where the Cronut was invented. Moving forward, Place Tips will pop up in Central Park, Times Square and other popular locations, before presumably expanding to other cities and regions.