TED Talks kicks off its 30th annual conference this week in Vancouver, and to mark the occasion the conference is taking over Facebook Paper‘s Ideas feed. The week-long partnership will include exclusive blog posts and photos from TED speakers, and represents the first time Facebook is letting an outside group curate one of Paper’s verticals after launching the app on iOS last month.

If you’ve never used Facebook Paper, the iOS-only app offers a fresh way to browse the social network by breaking your newsfeed into multiple tabs. Along with a regular tab filled with posts from your friends, you can choose between curated feeds focused on topics like Tech, Cute and Headlines. For the rest of the week, TED will take over the Ideas tab, packing it with posts and videos culled from the popular conference.

“For TED next week, we’re going to allow a lot of people to effectively experience a lot of the stuff that’s going on at TED, even if you’re not there, through Paper,” Facebook Paper product manager Michael Reckhow told Mashable.

It’s unclear if Facebook will seek out similar partnerships in the future. We could see the company letting CES curate the Tech vertical during next year’s trade show or putting the International Olympics Committee in charge of the Sports tab during the 2016 games. Whether the idea catches on likely depends on if this week’s TED Talk brings more people to Facebook Paper, which is still limited to iOS devices in the U.S.

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