Facebook’s sleek new Paper app, which manages to make you actually want to spend time on Facebook, is finally out for iOS—Android users are left out to dry. The experience is similar in functionality to competing content readers, such as Flipboard, displaying your preferred categories of news in a beautiful way. The noise and distractions of the normal Facebook app has been replaced by a lovely card layout, allowing users to not only scour their Feed, but other big headlines of the day; categories like Tech, Score and Exposure are all available.

I used the Paper app briefly this morning and I already prefer it to the boring old Facebook app (we’ll have a more in-depth hands-on of Paper later). Under Facebook’s curated themes, some of the Web’s biggest names are included, showing off the latest and most popular news. On the bottom half of the app, you’ll see small cards that you can scroll through from left to right; to read a particular story, swipe that news item up, and it’ll pop-up into full-screen; swipe that item up again, and it’ll overtake your screen, allowing you to read it.You can also swipe left and right to get to the next (or previous) story. Swipe back down to get to the main screen.

Everything is dominated by swipes and gestures, making navigation really simple. If you want to create your own story, simply swipe from the top down, and you’ll see your name, the option to create a post, the ability to edit sections and settings. Visually the app is beautiful, highlighting the social network’s adeptness at design—we previously saw the company’s skills in Facebook Home, but we all know how that turned out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as though you can add your own news sources, and the app isn’t yet available for Android (and there’s no speculated timeframe on when we might see it, it ever).

Paper is available now on iOS for free, and we’ve included a link to the download in the source below.