How Facebook will revamp its chaotic News Feed is still a mystery for now, but we'll find out tomorrow. It'll certainly take a lot to makeover what's become an unintuitive content hoard, but in Zuck we trust. Unless a new report from TechCrunch is true.

It could just be that the proposed changes sound messier than they'll wind up looking. But according to an anonymous Facebook employee, the social network plans on adding even more feeds to your already cluttered page, just divided up by content topic. Meaning stuff like music, photos and recent news will each have their own page for you to gaze at. (See TechCrunch's mockup above.)

Unsurprisingly, the Photos feed will be filled of images uploaded to the social network, with Instagram photos included, too. Facebook has to do something with its $1 billion toy, so adding it into its own feed will be the most noticeable integration yet. Zuck has made it a priority to make Facebook a destination where people share and upload photos, so a tab dedicated to just that will certainly be welcome.

Music will act as a place where you know exactly what your friends are listening to on services such as Spotify and Rdio. The feed, TechCrunch said, will also show upcoming nearby concerts, recently released albums and subscription recommendations to artists.

"Ads will become more vivid and noticeable, too," TechCrunch said.

Facebook's big News Feed event is set for March 7 at 10 a.m. PST. The mockup doesn't look particularly impressive, and it sounds complicated on paper. But we'll reserve judgement until we actually see what it'll be like.