facebook app update tv music

Facebook announced an update to its mobile app today, adding the ability to recognize any music or TV show playing in the background and quickly add that information into a status update. The new feature should be available on both iOS and Android handsets starting on Wednesday, Facebook told The Wall Street Journal.

The updated app works similar to music recognition services like Shazam, analyzing audio through your smartphone's microphone to identify songs and TV shows. Facebook will then offer the option to include that information to your status along with a link to Spotify or another relevant service so your friends can quickly preview the same content.

According to Facebook product manager Aryeh Selekman, the goal of this update is too "help people tell better stories," but it's hard to ignore the advertising possibilities. If Facebook knows what music you listen to and which shows you watch it can potentially offer even more specialized ad placement at an even higher price. Thankfully, the new feature needs to be manually turned on, and apparently can't understand your conversations.

For TV binge watchers and music fans who love to share, Facebook's new feature should make it even easier to broadcast the content they love. The update could also help the social giant compete with Twitter, which still dominates when it comes to offering a second-screen experience for watching TV. Whether Facebook's music and TV recognition really takes off remains to be seen, though we're curious to test the new feature out for ourselves and see how well it actually works.