Facebook’s creepy psychological experiment earned the company plenty of criticism this week, but what if you could take the social network’s emotional manipulation technology into your own hands? That’s exactly what a new Chrome browser extension called Facebook Mood Manipulator does by placing a small control panel in the top right corner of your News Feed.

Facebook Mood Manipulator lets you tweak your timeline based on four categories: Positive, Emotional, Aggressive and Open. Each can be toggled along a sliding dial, and it actually taps into the same text analysis software the social network used in its own experiments. You can download the extension for free, though for now it’s only available on Google’s Chrome browser.

After playing around with the extension for a few minutes it can be hard to tell exactly what’s changing in your News Feed and why. Toggling different emotions definitely tweaks Facebook’s algorithm, but not necessarily the way you might expect. It actually calls into question how accurate Facebook’s own study may have been. I also had some trouble with the extension itself, which didn’t always show up each time I refreshed my homepage.

You’re welcome to try out the Facebook Mood Manipulator for yourself. Just hit the source link below to grab the download and you’ll be experimenting on yourself in no time.