Facebook Privacy

Facebook is reportedly gearing up to announce its own mobile ad network during its F8 conference, which kicks off on April 30, according to a report published by Re/Code recently. The network would allow app developers to build-in advertisements, of which Facebook would take a cut of the revenues generated. As Re/Code notes, it seems like a natural progression for Facebook, which has seen a large increase in mobile revenues as it has moved its focus away from the desktop and toward phones.

Facebook has been dabbling a bit with mobile ads, though they are placed specifically in its own applications. You may notice several spots for apps and games in your news feed on mobile, for example, which automatically launch the app store. Twitter recently followed suit and introduced its own similar solution just last week. Instagram, meanwhile, has been rolling out new advertisements, though they're more discrete and look just like other images passing through your feed. With an ad network, Facebook could allow other apps that it doesn't own to embed applications. Apple and Google are already big players in this space, however.

Re/Code didn't say when Facebook's planned mobile ad network will launch, though presumably its well on its way to getting it up and running, and we may even see something final by the end of next week.