Facebook Office Sign

Facebook is allegedly in talks to buy Whatsapp, the popular free text messaging tool that acts a lot like a cross-platform version of iMessage or BBM, according to TechCrunchi. What is Whatsapp?

For starters, users can send messages, images and more to friends and see when the message has been delivered and opened. It also has a group messaging function that allows multiple users to share a single message chain. But why is Facebook buying Whatsapp?

Our guess is to, yet again, boost its Facebook chat platform. But the company already bought a client that was very similar to Whatsapp, called Beluga, back in March of last year.

Perhaps, however, Facebook will buy Whatsapp in an effort to bring more users to its messaging platform. Whatsapp announced in August that its users sent 10 billion messages in a single day. That’s incredible — and it supports a bunch of languages, which could help Facebook expand its chat to additional countries.

Neither Facebook nor Whatsapp has commented on the rumors, but we’ll keep you updated if anything changes.

[via TechCrunch]