Your Valentine’s Day plans aren’t complete until you’ve checked out the latest update for Facebook Messenger. The messaging platform is receiving a bunch of love-inspired improvements that encourage couples to engage with each other digitally whenever they can’t be side-by-side. It’s rolling out now just in time for the most romantic holiday of the year, and it’ll continue to be available even after chocolates and teddy bears have been swapped following a fancy dinner.

All you need to do is be in a relationship, which might just be the hardest part when it comes to using what’s been added to the app. When two users make it “Facebook official,” Facebook Messenger will send both of them a notification to chat on the app and receive special features.

Here are the new additions, as explained by Facebook:

  • It’s raining hearts! A heart shower will fall across your screen.
  • Spread the love: Your custom emoji (in the lower right-hand corner) will be [heart eyes emoji], so expressing your love will be fast and easy.
  • Get personal: You’ll be prompted to personalize your chat and set your custom text color, emoji, and nickname in case you want to switch things up even more.
  • Chatting with bae: Your loved one will be the first person to appear on the Active tab, so you can easily see when they’re available to chat.

Facebook is welcoming couples with relationship statuses of all types except for “It’s complicated.” To be fair, it’d be awkward if Facebook Messenger poured romance into a conversation between two people that are on the outs.

By the way, we recommend checking out our list of the best dating apps if you find yourself feeling a little lonely on Valentine’s Day. There’s no amount of discounted sweets that can fill the void another person can, so don’t bother heading to a store and picking up an abundance of candy. Who knows, maybe soon you’ll be the one enjoying couples-only features on Facebook Messenger.