Facebook is slowly updating Facebook Messenger on Android with a much cleaner, almost iOS 7-like user interface. Chat bubbles, similar to what you see inside of iMessage, are present alongside an indicator alerting you whether or not a friend is online or not. The flat design, too, looks like a direct ripoff of iMessage.

Comparisons aside, Facebook said the goal of the redesign is to make the experience much faster and a “more reliable mobile-to-mobile messaging experience.”

That sounds like a shot across the bow of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), which is now available for Android and iOS. Facebook’s chat experience, the company admits, first started out as a desktop chat client. As it has moved its focus to mobile, however, Facebook is revamping the way its products help us interact when we’re away from our computers. Why let BBM take away any potential market share?

Facebook also says you don’t need to be friends with someone to use its messaging service; all you’ll need is their phone number. The social network didn’t say when we can expect a broader launch, or if we’ll see something similar on iOS, though we expect that will happen in the coming months.