Facebook Messenger is more popular than ever. Now it could be poised to become your primary texting app on Android as well. A new report from Android Police reveals several new feature currently in testing, including SMS integration.

Messenger actually offered that same feature a few years ago, but nixed it back in 2013 after it failed to take off. However, some users have spotted an SMS option on their Android phones. Text message conversations appear to be highlighted in purple so you can tell them apart from Facebook messages.

Facebook’s engineers also seem to be testing multi-account support for Messenger. If you use two or more Facebook accounts regularly, this could come in handy. It could be particularly useful for people who run the page for a business and want to interact directly with customers.

Finally, the social network is testing a few design tweaks. The app’s action bar has switched from white with blue icons to blue with white icons for some people. The status bar has also switched to blue in some cases.

These are just tests for now, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Facebook make at least a few of them official with a future update.