Facebook Messenger is identifiable in that it offers a clean white and blue, and grey color scheme. It's very minimal and very uncomplicated. To spice things up, Facebook on Thursday began rolling out an update that allows users to control the color of the chat bubbles, and also change the emoji. You can even give your friends nicknames, adding another layer of personalization.

The customization can be changed on a one-on-one basis, too, so different conversations will look different based on who you're chatting with.

In addition, Facebook Messenger is also adding Photo Magic on a wider basis, which was made available to users in Australia last month. The feature is designed to identify people in a photo, and then encourage Facebook Messenger users to share these images with their friends across the social network. Facebook said the option was created because people often keep photos in their camera rolls without sharing with friends.

With the holidays coming up, it's a perfect test-bed for Facebook's tweaks; you'll no doubt take countless photos at family gatherings, giving Photo Magic the perfect opportunity to nudge you to share them. Of course, if you're not into Facebook constantly scanning your photos, you can opt out of the feature.

Messenger users can expect these features to start hitting Android and iOS today.