Facebook has been working on the virtual assistant since 2015 and instituted an invite-only beta back in December, but is now making it available to to everybody in the U.S. Expansion to the rest of the world will happen throughout the year.

M will be able to do everything within Messenger, such as send money, stickers, hailing an Uber or Lyft, and location sharing. M will also scan for keywords when you’re making plans with friends to help out with suggestions. It sounds a lot like what Google Assistant does inside Allo.

For those who are not interested in using M, you can mute the bot in the settings menu.

The update will roll out to all iOS and Android users starting today. You can see some of the examples of what M is capable of in the gallery down below.

M has been long in development

Facebook has been working on M since the summer of 2015. At first, M worked concurrently with human curators that took over when a task was too expansive for the virtual assistant. The human workers would mark conversations to help improve M’s machine learning ability. As Facebook collected data and improved M, the training wheels were taken off the bot with less interference from humans.

Now, you can see for yourself if all of Facebook’s hard work was worth it.