Facebook just launched an update to its Android application that offers twice the performance and a much needed speed increase. According to the company’s list of changes, the application now loads the Timeline and News feed much faster, photos open with a simple tap, allowing users to quickly comment and like a story, and the News Stories bar updates in real-time without the need for a refresh.

The news outlet interviewed Facebook’s mobile engineering director, Mike Shaver, who said the update can be expected sometime this afternoon.

This is big news for Android fans, especially for those of who despise using the current Android application. It used to be slow, was often buggy and wasn’t nearly as robust as what’s available on Android. But as Facebook’s mobile engineering director Mike Shaver explained to AllThingsD earlier today, it has been hard to manage a single application across hundreds of Android devices. “There’s a combinatorial explosion of Android devices, base operating systems, carrier customizations and other things that play into this,” he said. “But that also means its a broad opportunity to improve Facebook’s global reach.”

The application was built from the ground up and is available now.