With Windows 8.1 officially released, Microsoft users got a second bit of good news today. Facebook finally released its official app for Windows 8.1 today. It doesn’t work properly with Windows 8, but anyone on that version can download 8.1 for free.

The new app is classic Facebook, but also has a distinctive Windows 8 feel. The center is filled up by the user’s News Feed, while a menu on the left links to Messages, Events, Friends, Photos, specific groups you’ve subscribed to and more. The right side of the app features a slightly redesigned chat interface, while the notifications, inbox and friend request buttons are located in the top right corner.

Facebook added a few special features to its Windows 8.1 app as well. There’s Share Charm, which automatically attaches the photo you’re looking at to a new email, and the application works with the new OS’s search bar, which brings up results from your own computer as well as though Bing. The app’s Live Tile has been coded to fit a number of different Snap View sizes, though you won’t be able to shrink it down to the smallest option.

The app is free and is available in the Windows Store now.