facebook-timeline-changeOne of the biggest turning points in Facebook's history was when Timeline rolled out. Here was a way to see your entire life — important dates, trips and life-changing events — in one big, meaningful online arrangement. But its double-column layout is difficult to navigate and leads to a pretty confusing end-user experience.

You can have the best design in the world, but at the end of the day, it's functionality that really matters. So Facebook is addressing this issue, according to InsideFacebook, by testing a brand new single-column view, like a typical blog roll. Apparently, everything will be arranged vertically, no more side-to-side content, and modules like "Recent Activity" and "Friends" will appear to the right of the new Timeline, similar to how they show up now.

The line down the middle of your Timeline will disappear completely, and just show the newest stuff first and older stuff down toward the bottom. Merely explaining it doesn't sound like the most drastic change in the world, but it'll likely lead to a much less frustrating experience overall.

[via Gizmodo, InsideFacebook]