If you’ve been itching to have a native Facebook application on your iPad, it looks like that day might be here -sort of. Facebook recently issued an update to its iPhone application, buried within that app is also an iPad version.

TechCrunch exposed the application this weekend, and posted screen shots of the app in action. Facebook has been pretty elusive about the development of and existence of a native iPad application. Rumors circulated last month that a Facebook iPhone app was on the way, with the New York Times even getting in on the game.

While Facebook hasn’t officially released the app, the version embedded in the iPhone application looks pretty legit. If you’re code-savvy Flo’s weblog has posted instructions on how to activate the application on your iPad now.

Have any of you been waiting for a native Facebook iPad application? Let us know if you activate the native version on your iPad!

[via TechCrunch]