facebook-app-photo-syncA new feature has been added to Facebook's mobile app (for Android and iOS) that's essentially designed to act as a storage locker for photos. Those who opt into the new Photo Sync ability will have the option to automatically upload photos — up to 2GB — that are private by default in a "Synced From Phone" album. Users can then choose which photo(s) to share and delete.

The feature has been secretly dormant inside the Facebook app since August, with final testing taking place over the past few months. It's actually a lot like Google+'s instant photo uploads feature, although Google doesn't limit users with an upload cap. Additionally, Facebook's automatic uploads only occur when the app is opened, as opposed to Google+'s instant uploads.

Another downside to Facebook's offering is that photos are sampled down (to 100KB each) when synced over mobile data, which may be a turn off for some. The logic behind it, though, is obvious, since larger photos would likely burn through data pretty quick. Fortunately, users can set Photo Sync to work strictly through Wi-Fi only, where photos are uploaded at a normal size.

[via Facebook]