Yesterday Facebook held a brief event in which it revealed that Facebook Home has been downloaded a million times. That might seem like a large figure, but the social network didn’t reveal the important stat: the number of active Facebook Home users. Aside from that number, however, Facebook also quietly launched support for Facebook Home on several new handsets and a small update that changes the notification shade a bit.

AndroidCentral found that—while it’s not “officially” supported—you can now download and install the Facebook-centric user interface on the Sony Xperia ZL, the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4. The app does warn you that your phone isn’t officially supported, but you can choose to “Use Home Anyway” and be on your way.

The Galaxy S4 offers a boatload of custom features, and the HTC One has an awesome user interface, so we’re not sure why one would want to ditch those for Facebook Home. But, if you’re a social butterfly then by all means give it a whirl.