To coincide with the launch of Facebook Home, the social network has revealed a great new commercial demonstrating the software's capabilities—and it stars, of all people, CEO Mark Zuckerberg. This isn't about mainstream celebrity, or corny parody. The ad smartly demonstrates how Facebook Home introduces a fun new experience to Android devices, and also gives us a short glimpse behind the Facebook curtain.

The "Launch Day" ad shows Zuckerberg delivering an address to his team, but it soon cuts to Joey, who is swiping, Chat Head-ing and liking posts on his News Feed. Everything, including a shouting goat, is played in real-time, fully highlighting the immediacy and visibility of how Facebook Home changes the Android experience. It's not, as Zuckerberg repeatedly stressed during Facebook's Home announcement, about apps, but people.

Facebook Home is still fresh, but already the bold new project is running into problems. Will it have long-term staying power? That remains to be seen. Zuckerberg said the software will enjoy monthly updates, so we'll see just how many likes it receives throughout the year.