Facebook Home is an experience built entirely around consuming the social network. It's the first thing you see when you wake your phone—designed to put people first, not apps. For the most part, it did what Facebook promised, and was something worth trying. But it's only relevant if you're a die-hard Facebook user; anyone else will just get annoyed by the social network's constant presence. That's about to change.

As part of Facebook's Android beta program, the company is opening up to integration with Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Flickr. The best part? You can even disable Facebook posts, meaning if you only want to see pictures from Instagram, or Tumblr, or both, you can, and no sign of Facebook will be present. Now Facebook Home is getting somewhere.

Chances are you're an active member of one of the four services being added, and if that means you'll give Facebook Home a shot, Mark Zuckerberg will be happy. Each service is solely focused on pictures, which is perfect for Home's implementation—no need to fire Instagram up, just wake your phone up and you're ready to go. Since the feature is only in beta form, you'll need to sign up to participate. No word on if any other services will be added down the road.