Facebook Home hasn't been a huge success for the social network, and the HTC First, the first and only smartphone to run the company's UI out of the box, proved to be a flop. But Facebook isn't giving up that easily. The company rolled out an update for its Android-based software today, adding content from a handful of other services to the Facebook Home's photo-heavy lock screen following a limited beta program earlier this month.

When you activated a smartphone running Facebook Home in the past, the lock screen would show a series of photos pulled from your News Feed. Now, the same lock screen will also show pictures pulled from your Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr and Pinterest accounts. To sync your other accounts to Facebook Home just unlock the device, open the UI's app, tap more settings and you'll see the new feature.

It's no surprise that two of Facebook's biggest competitors, Twitter and Google+ are noticeably absent from the latest update. The company clearly sees these two as direct competition with its own style of social networking, while the newly-included websites are strictly focused on sharing photos for the most part. The world's biggest social network may be willing to open up its Android UI in an attempt to satisfy its users, but there's no way it will let Twitter onto its own turf.