Facebook Home Review-Chathead Notification

Facebook Home has already been downloaded on more than 500,000 Android smartphones, a milestone that was reached in just a week. It's unclear how many of the people who downloaded the application are active users, however, which is a key metric to measuring the real success of the application.

Facebook Home currently has more than 11,000 reviews and an average rating of just two out of five stars, which isn't good news if Facebook wants the user base to keep growing. "It was cool at first but needs some tweeking to be more user friendly," one user said in a review. "It takes a lot of different moves and clicks just to get to your main home screen. I installed it last night and unistalled it this morning." That is one of the main complaints we have with Facebook Home, too.

Thankfully the social network has promised that it will roll-out monthly updates to Facebook Home.