Did you notice? Facebook recently swapped out its standard emoji reactions with fun new characters for Halloween. They’re available on any post now, allowing you to react with either the standard thumbs-up, a heart, a laughing witch, a ghost, a sad Frankenstein or an angry pumpkin.

The reactions are all the same, of course, with those emoji representing love, laughter, fright, sadness and anger, but the standard yellow smiley faces have been swapped out in celebration of Halloween. It’s the first time we’ve seen Facebook do something like this, and my guess it’s going to continue.

Emoji everywhere

Emoji have become more and more popular in the apps we use, whether it’s messenger, social networks or text messages. I love the idea of morphing emoji, that is, there wasn’t any sort of installation required to get these working. They’re just there. My guess is this will continue, too.

Will we see happy Santa around Christmas? Turkeys around Thanksgiving? I certainly hopes so, it adds a bit more fun to using Facebook.