Facebook on Tuesday announced a new standalone “Facebook Groups” application that allows you to participate in your existing groups without having to launch the full Facebook app on your smartphone. It’s available for both Android and iOS.

Facebook said the idea behind Facebook Groups, and the reason it created an entirely standalone app for the feature, is that it wants to promote group discussions and sharing, particularly among groups of friends who are already using the feature. Groups, if you’re unfamiliar, is a smaller part of Facebook that’s similar to pages, but more private and allows, say, a group of friends to share photos, comments and more with one another. Facebook says the app will also allow you to discover new groups to participate in, however, using an added “Discover” feature.

Facebook provided a few use-case examples, such as dental students in Brazil who use Facebook Groups, but there may be a bigger play at hand. Yesterday, for example, we learned that Facebook is working on a new cross-collaboration platform called Facebook at Work, and a standalone group-focused application could be a nice foundation for something larger – particularly for organizations that are focused on group collaboration.

Hit the source link below to download Facebook Groups for Android and/or iOS now.