Facebook on Monday announced its Graph Search function, which allows you to search the social network with specific queries, now supports the ability to search and filter status updates, comments on posts, Facebook check-ins, photo captions and topics. Then, thanks to the power of Graph Search, you can narrow those results down to a specific region, such as a city or town, or a specific time when those topics might have been discussed.

Facebook also said it added additional functions for searching your own history, such as posts you might have written in the last month or year, or posts you were involved in, and you can use casual terms such as “My posts from last year,” to execute those commands.

There’s no need to worry about privacy here, Facebook says, since results will only populate what you and others allow people to view through search. It isn’t available to everyone yet, either, just a “small group of people” who already have Graph Search support. Facebook didn’t say when the function will launch for everyone, but said that it’s going to continue working on it.