Facebook for Windows Phone was already pretty good, though the versions on iOS and Android have long offered far more features. Now, Facebook is rolling out a huge update to Windows Phone users that help to make it more powerful than ever before.

The update promises “faster and more reliable” notifications, includeing Toast notifications for Facebook Chat messages. The primary Live Tile has been redesigned, too, while secondary live tiles for calendar events, pages, photo albums, groups and chat have also been updated with new features. Facebook also says that it added support for new languages, improved overall support, and tweaked the messaging app with a few enhancements.

Unfortunately, one of our biggest problems with Windows Phone is that it has a terrible notification interface in the first place. The aforementioned “Toast” notifications often come in delayed, if at all, and there’s no central place to find all of your alerts. That’s supposed to be fixed in the next iteration of Windows Phone, but it sounds like Facebook has worked to iron out some of those problems in this update.

WPCentral said that the update will also allow developers to use Facebook’s URI, which means new apps should hit the market that allow you to log-in using your Facebook credentials.

The Facebook update is now available from the Windows Phone Store for free.