Facebook is starting to allow some sites to embed Facebook status updates, similar to the way we can already embed tweets. The functionality is only limited to a few sites right now, likely as Facebook tests the feature before a larger roll-out, and is currently working on Mashable, CNN, People, Huffington Post and Bleacher Report, but the social network says that it will be supported on more sites soon.

It should be relatively easy to do: simply select the post you wish to embed and then tap the “Embed Post” option in the dialog box. Facebook will then provide you with an embeddable link that you can use in your content management system of choice. Once it’s live, users will be able to see hastags, pictures, videos and other parts of a post on another website, In addition, you can like or comment a post without visiting Facebook directly.

Facebook notes that if a publisher decides to embed a post that is later deleted, the site will say that the message is no longer available. Publishers also can’t customize how they appear, which means dimensions will remain the exact same as they are on Facebook. A few screenshots of what the service looks like are included above.