Facebook finally confirmed plans to add a “dislike/emphathy” button to your News Feed earlier this week. We still don’t know what the new feature will actually look like, but an old patent from the company may reveal how the new feature might work.

Instead of a simple thumbs down to express disapproval or pity, Facebook could add the option to respond with a limited selection of emoji faces. The patent, which was filed back in 2014 and spotted by The Next Web, includes five different options. You can pick between happy, sad and a few other more ambiguous responses.

Obviously this isn’t the most original idea. Popular office messaging service Slack lets you respond to someone’s comment with any emoji you want, going far beyond Facebook’s proposal. Privacy-focused social network Path also offered the same basic feature, though the app never really caught on.

Of course this is just a patent, and an old one at that. It’s possible Facebook could come up with something else entirely. Still, this seems like a pretty smart solution. The company says it plans to start public tests on the new button soon, so hopefully we’ll get an official look before too long.